Enjoy a clean and comfortable home

Your home is where you should be able to escape from the world. If it’s filled with clutter and dust, then you won’t be able to easily enjoy your place of solitude. Each job is unique and we fully understand this. Therefore we would love to chat with you so we can create a customized plan for you.

Commercial Services also available

Not only do we provide residential cleaning services, but we also expand our expertise to businesses in the area. Whether it’s a small office or a warehouse, we will be able to take fit your needs.

A family run business for the last 20 years

Small Miracles Cleaning is a family-run cleaning company based in Belton, Texas, offering a wide range of cleaning services for both commercial and residential.

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Areas that we cover

We cover all of Bell Country including Belton, Salado, and Temple.We also take work from around Killeen depending on job size and availability.

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501 Avenue E, Suite 67, Moody TX, 76557

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House cleaning services: Making your place a paradise

Happiness resides where there is great homemaking. A clean and peaceful environment will make the insiders progress better with things. Being the cradle of cowboy culture, we have an affiliation towards going green environment and love for cleanliness and purity. We are also way too protective of what we adore, and what else that would be apart from a good home. Belton is a place of grand people and culture, but sadly it is also one of the busiest metros unable to take care of itself.Though we always try and make a pleasant household ambiance, it is not always easy to keep things spick and span. It always keeps you on the run and finally becomes a wild goose chase.
Need of the hour:

The world is taking a wide and fast pace. Working and earning has become the priority where home making has taken a back seat, and sadly happiness is replaced with a lot of guilt. That’s where the providers of quality house cleaning services play a significant role. Things always work great either when multiple hands join or at the delegation of work. So here we come to join hands with you and make your home a heaven to dwell in.

What we do?
•Our work portfolio ranges from cooking to cleaning, gardening to rubbishing the garbage, keeping the cupboards and closets and what not.

•Using clean dusting materials, and environment-friendly tools and techniques

•Employing a dedicated crew that can work exclusively for the betterment of your environment

•Never compromising on the quality of the work that we provide, we prove to be both effective and efficient.

•Clients can always customize the agenda of work according to their taste.

•Of course, there is guaranteed trustworthiness that is expected out of every house cleaning service providers.

•Sanitary cleanliness seems to be a prime problem all over the world. Our service providers can always keep up the percentile of sanitary cleanliness high.

Making the pot boil better:

The term Pot boiling is becoming synonymous to Texas especially Belton where a versatile class of becoming are gelling together becoming one, simply put the heterogenous society is becoming a homogenous society. Togetherness means a lot more knowledge, a lot more working and needless to say a lot more cleaning. Employing cleaning service providers will make your job much easier. Even a cozy house will make a great home only when care and a feeling of belongingness are a part of it. A healthy society is always a happy society. So here are we to help you embrace a society that’s better than the best.